Sulphur Guard Catalyst

DEV ZSG-03 high Capacity Zinc Oxide Sulphur guard Catalysts for various applications in the refining and petrochemical sectors. This catalyst offers longer life and reduces the operating cost. Devson offers catalysts in extrudes shapes. DEV ZSG-03 is developed for Sulphur removal application in Hydrogen Plants and other petrochemical applications, which calls for high capacity and efficiency in Sulphur slip to protect the downstream Catalyst from poisoning. DEV ZSG-03 is a Zinc oxide Catalyst, containing high amount of Zinc and alumina binders.


Sulphur Guard Catalyst specially recommended for Hydrogen Plant application in Refineries and petrochemical applications. Suitable for operating Temp of 350 to 370 C. Has a sharp Sulphur breakthrough and offers Guaranteed protection against Sulphur slip through the catalyst Bed.